Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Current Journal Articles on Disability History

Introduction: About once a month (supply allowing), we post a listing of recently published historical articles about disability (somewhat broadly defined). These articles are usually found on the "current periodicals" shelves at a university library, from the most recent two calendar years (right now, 2011-2012). Most of them are culled from online Table of Contents sites maintained by journal publishers. We also include book chapters in new collections, cites for new books, and cites for review articles, new books, and new dissertations. Contributions are always welcomed offlist and are compiled into subsequent postings by the editor.

The usual caveats:

1) your definitions of history and disability may exclude some of these articles, and include others;

2) listing here does not necessarily constitute a recommendation of the articles involved; and

3) only English-language tables of contents or abstracts are usually culled (but works in other languages are welcome from contributors).


Bloul, Rachel A. D. "Ain't I a Woman? Female Landmine Survivors' Beauty Pageants and the Ethics of Staring," _Social Identities_ 18(1) (January 2012): 3-18.

Dias, John, Malcolm Eardley, Elizabeth Harkness, Louise Townson, Chloe Brownlee-Chapman, and Rohhss Chapman, "Keeping Wartime Memory Alive: An Oral History Project about the Wartime Memories of People with Learning Difficulties in Cumbria," _Disability & Society_ 27(1) (2012): 31-49.

Esmail, Jennifer. "'I Listened with my Eyes': Writing Speech and Reading Deafness in the Fiction of Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins," _ELH_ 78(4)(Winter 2011): 991-1020.

Harris, Sharon. "Rebecca Harding Davis' 'Kitty's Choice' and the Disabled Woman Physician," _American Literary Realism_ 44(Fall 2011): 23-45.

Lazzarini, Elena. "Wonderful Creatures: Early Modern Perceptions of Deformed Bodies," _Oxford Art Journal_ 34(3)(2011): 415-431.

Martin, Holly E. "Chang and Eng Bunker, 'The Original Siamese Twins': Living, Dying, and Continuing under the Spectator's Gaze," _Journal of American Culture_ 34(4)(December 2011): 372-390.


Angus Gowland reviewed Mary Ann Lund, _Melancholy, Medicine, and Religion in Early Modern England: Reading The Anatomy of Melancholy_ (Cambridge UP 2010), in _English Historical Review_ 126(523)(2011): 1527-1529.

Fiona Pettit reviewed Nadja Durbach, _Spectacle of Deformity: Freak Shows and Modern British Culture_ (UC Press 2010), in _Early Popular Visual Culture_ 9(4)(2011): 365-367.


Richard Noll, _American Madness: The Rise and Fall of Dementia Praecox_ (Harvard University Press 2011).

Doug Underwood, ed. _Chronicling Trauma: Journalists and Writers on Violence and Loss_ (University of Illinois Press 2011).

Contributions received this month from: Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri (via DS-Hum), Daniel Wilson, Kathleen Sheldon

compiled by
Penny L. Richards PhD
Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women
Co-editor, H-Education and H-Disability