Monday, April 14, 2008

RESOURCE: Online bibliographies available

1. Disability and Deafness in East Asia: social and educational responses, from antiquity to recent times: [also as .pdf]

This introduces and lists 900 articles, chapters and books having some concern with disability, deafness or mental disorder, in China, Korea and Japan, mostly in English, some in German or French, with some annotation.

2. Disability and Deafness in the context of Religion, Spirituality and Belief, in Middle Eastern, South Asian and East Asian Cultures and Histories. [also as .pdf]

This bibliography introduces and lists 450 items, across the beliefs, religions and cultures of the Middle East and much of Asia, from antiquity to the present.

3. Social Responses to Disability & Poverty in Economically Weaker Countries: trends, critique, and lessons usually not learnt. [also as .pdf]

This annotated bibliography has 250 modern and historical items from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and a few from S. America.

Many thanks to the Independent Living Institute staff in making these bibliographies freely available online.