Friday, September 12, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: Latest Issue of RDS now online

Volume 4, Issue 3 of the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal is now posted online at A table of contents is listed below. Also visit our blogspot at to post a comment about any of the topics discussed in this or other issues of RDS. Subscribers of RDS will receive their print copies in the next couple of weeks. RDS is free online but a subscription is necessary to receive the print version. To subscribe to RDS go to

Research Articles

* Virtually Invisible Women: Women with Disabilities in Mainstream Psychological Theory and Research
Kristen Quinlan, Lisa Bowleg, & Susan Faye Ritz, USA

* College Preparation and Participation: Reports From Individuals Who Have Speech and Mobility Disabilities
Carole Isakson & Sheryl Burgstahler, USA

* Consuming Disability: A New Dutch System for Hearing Aid Distribution
Irene Olaussen, Norway

* The Role of Nonprofits in Shaping Civil Rights: Understanding of Disability in Families of Children with Autism
Dana Lee Baker & Leal Keiser, USA

Creative Works

* Poem: The Autism Mantra
Rama Cousik, USA

Book Reviews

* Leave No Nurse Behind: Nurses Working with Disabilities
Reviewed by Donna Maheady

*Face On: Disability Arts in Ireland and Beyond
Reviewed by Steven E. Brown

*Disability Harassment
Reviewed by Anna Kirkland

*Meaningful Exchanges for People with Autism: An Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Reviewed by Patricia Wright