Friday, October 3, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: Current Journal Articles on Disability History

About once a month, and appearing as an an occasional feature of H-Disability, Penny L. Richards, a PhD Research Scholar at the UCLA Center for the Study of Women and Co-editor of H-Education and H-Disability, compiles and posts a listing of recently published historical articles about disability (somewhat broadly defined). These articles are usually found on the "current periodicals" shelves at a university library, from the most recent two calendar years (right now, 2007-2008). Some of them are culled from online Table of Contents sites maintained by journal publishers. Additional sources include book chapters in new collections, cites for new books, and cites for review articles, new books, and new dissertations.

She welcomes contributions offlist that are compiled into subsequent postings. Her usual caveats for contributions are:

"1) your definitions of history and disability may exclude some of these articles, and include others;

2) listing here does not necessarily constitute a recommendation of the articles involved; and

3) only English-language tables of contents or abstracts are usually culled (but works in other languages are welcome from contributors)."


Barnes, Sharon L. "Marvelous Arithmetics: Prosthesis, Speech, and Death in the Late Work of Audre Lorde," _Women's Studies_ 37(7) (October 2008): 769-789.

Harmon, A. G. "'Slender Knowledge': Sovereignty, Madness, and the Self in Shakespeare's King Lear," _Law, Culture, and the Humanities_ 4 (2008): 403-423.

Hilton, Claire. "The Provision of Mental Health Services in England for People over 65 Years of Age, 1970-78," _History of Psychiatry_ 19 (2008): 297-320.

Marcellus, Jane. "Nervous Women and Noble Savages: The Romanticized 'Other' in Nineteenth-Century US Patent Medicine Advertising," _Journal of Popular Culture_ 41(5)(2008): 784-808.

Møllerhøj, Jette. "On Unsafe Ground: The Practices and Institutionalization of Danish Psychiatry, 1850-1920," _History of Psychiatry_ 19(2008): 321-337.


Brian H. Greenwald reviewed John Tabak, _Significant Gestures: A History of American Sign Language_ (Praeger 2006), in _The Historian_ 70(3)(2008): 558-559.

Nathan Carlin reviewed Kathleen J. Greider, _Much Madness is Divinest Sense: Wisdom in Memoirs of Soul-Suffering_ (Pilgrim Press 2007), in _Religious Studies Review_ 34(3)(August 2008): 166.

Matthew Thomson reviewed Pamela Dale and Joseph Melling, eds., _Mental Illness and Learning Disability Since 1850: Finding a Place for Mental Disorder in the United Kingdom_ (Routledge 2007) in _The Economic History Review_ 61(4)(September 2008): 1012-1013.


Emily Abel and Saskia Subramanian, _After the Cure: The Untold Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors_ (NYU Press 2008).


Scalenghe, Sara (PhD, Georgetown University 2006): "Being Different: Intersexuality, Blindness, Deafness, and Madness in Ottoman Syria"

O'Tool, Mark Polking (PhD, UC-Santa Barbara 2007): "Caring for the Blind in Medieval Paris: Live at the Quinze-Vingts, 1250-1430"

Reeve, Patricia Anne (PhD, Boston College 2007): "Cultural and Legal Representations of Imperiled Workers and their Political Significance, Massachusetts (1820-1910)"

Contributions received this month from: John Erlen, Emily Abel

Compiled by
Penny L. Richards PhD
Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women
Co-editor, H-Education and H-Disability