Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: Current Journal Articles on Disability History

Introduction: About once a month (supply allowing), we post a listing of recently published historical articles about disability (somewhat broadly defined). These articles are usually found on the "current periodicals" shelves at a university library, from the most recent two calendar years (right now, 2008-2009). Some of them are culled from online Table of Contents sites maintained by journal publishers. We also include book chapters in new collections, cites for new books, and cites for review articles, new books, and new dissertations. Contributions are always welcomed offlist and are compiled into subsequent postings by the editor.

The usual caveats:

1) your definitions of history and disability may exclude some of these articles, and include others;

2) listing here does not necessarily constitute a recommendation of the articles involved; and

3) only English-language tables of contents or abstracts are usually culled (but works in other languages are welcome from contributors).


Arnold, David. "Diabetes in the Tropics: Race, Place and Class in India, 1880-1965," _Social History of Medicine_ 22(2009): 245-261.

Darcy, Jane. "Religious Melancholy in the Romantic Period: William Cowper as Test Case," _Romanticism_ 15(2)(July 2009): 144-155.

Devinsky, Janna, Daniel Lowenstein, and Richard McElrea, "Harold Shaw and the Ross Sea Party: Epilepsy in the Antarctic," _Journal of the History of the Neurosciences_ 18(3)(July 2009): 320-328.

Fischer, Klaus-Dietrich, "A Mirror for Deaf Ears? A Medieval Mystery," _Electronic British Library Journal_ (2008)article 9: 1-17.http://www.bl.uk/eblj/2008articles/article9.html

Galusca, Roxana. "From Fictive Ability to National Identity: Disability, Medical Inspection and Public Health Regulations on Ellis Island," _Cultural Critique_ 72(Spring 2009): 137-163.

Lyle, Louise. "French Perspectives on Eugenics as Seen Through Selected Writings of Georges Duhamel," _French Cultural Studies_ 20(3) (2009): 257-272.

Martinez-Perez, Jose. "Consolidando el modelo medico de discapacidad: sobre la poliomielitis y la constitucion de la traumatologia y ortopedia como especialidad en Espana (1930-1950)" ["Consolidating the medical model of disability:on poliomyelitis and the constitution of orthopedic surgery and orthopaedics as a specialty in Spain (1930-1950)"], _Asclepio, Revista de la Medicina y de la Cinecia_ LXI (enero-junio 2009): 117-42. [in Spanish]

Meeuf, Russell, "John Wayne as 'Supercrip': Disabled Bodies and the Construction of 'Hard' Masculinity in The Wings of Eagles," _Cinema Journal_ 48(Winter 2009): 88–113.

Peers, Danielle. "(Dis)empowering Paralympic Histories: "Absent Athletes and Disabling Discourses," _Disability & Society_ 24(5) (2009): 653-665.
Rogers, Naomi. "Polio Chronicles: Warm Springs and Disability Politics in the 1930s," _Asclepio, Revista de la Medicina y de la Cinecia_ LXI (enero-junio 2009): 143-174.
Tausiet, Maria. "Taming Madness: Moral Discourse and Allegory in Counter-Reformation Spain," _History_ 34(315)(2009): 279-278.
Wilgus, Jack, and Beverly Wilgus. "Face to Face with Phineas Gage," _Journal of the History of Neurosciences_ 18(3)(July 2009): 340-345.
Wilson, Daniel J. "And they shall walk: ideal versus reality in polio rehabilitation in the United States," _Asclepio, Revista de la Medicina y de la Cinecia_ LXI (enero-junio 2009): 175-192.


Suzannah Biernoff reviewed Fae Brauer and Anthea Callen, eds., _Art, Sex, and Eugenics: Corpus Delecti_ (Ashgate 2008), in _Social History of Medicine_ 22(2009): 407-409.

Michael Mezzano Jr. reviewed Mark A. Largent, _Breeding Contempt: The History of Coerced Sterilizations in the United States_ (Rutgers UP 2008), in _Social History of Medicine_ 22(2009): 409-410.

Akinobu Takabayashi reviewed Lee-Ann Monk, _Attending Madness: At Work in the Australian Colonial Asylum_ (Rodopi 2008), in _Social History of Medicine_ 22(2009): 427-428.


Taylor, Steven J., _Acts of Conscience: World War II, Mental Institutions, and Religious Objectors_ (Syracuse University Press, 2009).

Mooney, Graham, and Jonathan Reinarz, ed. _Permeable Walls: Historical Perspectives on Hospital and Asylum Visiting_ (Clio Medica 86)(Rodopi 2009).

Contributions received this month from: Kristina Richardson, Rachael A. Zubal-Ruggieri (via DS-HUM), John Erlen, Daniel Wilson

compiled byPenny L. Richards PhD

Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women

Co-editor, H-Education and H-Disability