Friday, February 4, 2011



Ouch! is a BBC website by and for disabled people, and it is also for those who hold an interest in the disabled, such as family, friends, and professionals. There are articles, podcasts, blogs and a message board. The Ouch! talk show podcast is an award-winning half hour show, and a new episode is broadcast about twice per month. The topics range from DadaFest, the world's biggest disability arts festival, dating websites, live musical performances by disabled musicians, and the Blind Football World Cup. Tech-interested visitors will enjoy Adrian Higginbotham's regular feature on accessible technology devices, such as the "Ouch! guide to audio description" and "TV help". Visitors can subscribe to the "Newsletter" to get a weekly brief on what's new in disability news and what's new on the site. The link to subscribe is on the bottom left side of the homepage. Visitors will want to check out the "Play" link, with its humorous drawings, comics and articles. The "Motley Zoo" comic depicts disabled animals, such as a shy peacock or the owl and the pussycat that can't go out to sea because they have hydrophobia.